"He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out." (John 10:2-4)
Our Missionaries

Gateway Baptist Church is able by the help of the Lord to support the
following missionaries. We still desire to support more Scriptural men in
the work of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Solomon Rao
Missionary to India
Sent by Eastside Baptist Church
P.O. Box 2207
Vernon, Texas 76385

Nathan Wheatly
Missionary to Spain
Mid-Way Baptist Church
4512 Ellis Drive
Kountz, Texas 77625-6178

Michael Lea
Missionary to Mexico
Sent by Mission Blvd. Baptist Church
P.O. Box 2935
Fayetteville, Arkansas 72702

Paul Rose
Missionary to Peru
Sent by Emmanuel Baptist Church
1614 Hwy. 121 North
Murria, Kentucky 42071
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